Best Free Email Account Providers

Actually, email is a common communication method followed by millions of people around the world. One essential thing you need to consider before determining to make an email account is finding the reliable email account provider who offers you free email service with excellent features. Of course, email is a strong and most efficient tool to use that not only for communication, but also for marketing purposes as well. The only thing you want to do is to select the best free email service according to your needs. However, many of these email services do not allow the custom domain names. Commonly, there are dual forms of email services available such as webmail with Yahoo and an email client with Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Choose the best email service provider for free to improve your online business

When it comes to managing the online business, especially in case of a remote working setup, first of all, you have to choose the best email service provider for free. Now, there is enormous free email service available to use for online communication that provides a professional environment and also improved the requirement of safety. Below are the lists of free email service providers available that stand out the most:


Without a query, Gmail is one of the best free email service providers. It actually provides you 15GB of free storage space and also a flexible user interface, so that the users can select between the traditional and AJAX powered interface. Along with these, Gmail also has a good filter feature. It simply groups the emails depend on the closest criteria such as folder types and wording.

Proton Mail

Many of the free email service providers are often scanning your email to identify the relevant keywords for advertisement replacement. With this proton mail, it can be simply prevented. In addition to, you can also encrypt your emails before transmitting it away. If the recipient is a proton mail account, this encryption is automated. Then, the recipient will obtain an encrypted email via a password protected link. Based on your setting, this encrypted email will be expired automatically after 28 days or sooner as well.


The Microsoft powered outlook is a rebranded version of hotmail and also unique from Microsoft outlook that is an email client. Retrieving deleted emails is also made simple with an email recovery add-in. However, the ad replacement can takes a lot of space, so you want to pay for minimum $20 to obtain an ad free user interface. A bonus here is that a portion will go towards cancer research.

This free email service always allows you to manage your email as like any other providers perform. The only difference is that it enables you to utilize a custom domain name and thus make a free business email.


AOL is a new website that provides an excellent webmail service. In particular, this amazing email feature is most popular for its spam and virus protection as well. One of the most impressive features is free unlimited storage. Anyone who transmits a massive number of emails on a routine basis must consider registering to AOL.